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System Description

SunPark® Electronic Parking System (EPS) is a cashless system that uses EPS antenna (based on ERP technology) to read the number of ERP In-vehicle Unit (IU) at the entry and exit.  Upon exit, parking fee is deducted directly from the CashCard in the IU of the vehicle (Full EPS) or from the CashCard inserted in the exit station CashCard reader (Partial EPS).

EPS Antenna

Entry and Exit Operation

Motorist drives the vehicle to the Entry point, the EPS Antenna will pick up the IU number and record it together with the entry date and time. Barrier will then lift for the vehicle to enter. At the Exit, the EPS Antenna again will pick up the IU number and compare with the database, calculate the parking charges and display onto the Exit Terminal. For Full EPS, the fee will be deducted directly from the CashCard inserted in the IU and the barrier will lift.As for Partial EPS, the motorist will insert a CashCard into the Exit terminal and the fee will be deducted. The barrier will then be lifted.

ERP In-Vehicle Unit

Season Parking

Registered In-vehicle Unit will be used for season parking Access. There will be no pass-back scenario with the EPS System.

Complimentary Parking

Method 1: Using Bar-coded Complimentary Tickets

Method 2: Using CashCard Validation for complimentary

Charging Unit

Parking Fee Redemption

Using bar-coded redemption tickets and CashCard validation for parking fee redemption.

Validation Terminal


Entry Station

Exit Station










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